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Written By: Chloe Wilson BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
Reviewed By: SPE Medical Review Board

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Shoulder Problems

Conditions & Injury Guide

Bankart Lesion
Brachial Neuritis (Parsonage Turner Syndrome)
Clavicle Fracture (aka Broken Collarbone)
Frozen Shoulder
Humeral Shaft Fractures
Proximal Humerus Fracture (aka Broken Shoulder)
Restless Arm Syndrome
Shoulder Acne
Shoulder Bursitis
Shoulder Fractures
Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
Scapulothoracic Bursitis (aka Snapping Scapula Syndrome)
Supraspinatus Tendonitis
Rotator Cuff Tear
Biceps Tendonitis
Shoulder Labrum Tear
Swimmers Shoulder
Cyst On Shoulder

Elbow Problems

Olecranon Bursitis (Elbow)
Golfers Elbow
Tennis Elbow
Forearm Tendonitis
Radial Tunnel Syndrome
Triceps Tendonitis
Elbow Range Of Motion
Hyperextended Elbow
Brachioradialis Pain
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (Ulnar Nerve Entrapment)

Wrist Problems

Wrist Fractures (Distal Radius Fractures)
Wrist Tendonitis
Ulnar Styloid Fractures
Smith's Fracture


Shoulder Pain Diagnosis Guide
Shoulder Pain Diagrams & Diagnosis Charts
Elbow Pain Diagrams & Diagnosis Charts

Burning Shoulder Pain
Collar Bone Pain
Left Shoulder/Arm Pain
Shoulder Blade Pain
Upper Arm Pain
Pain Between Shoulder Blades
Front Shoulder Pain
Arm Nerve Pain
Sharp Pain In Shoulder
Shoulder Pain At Night
Shoulder Pain When Lifting Arm
Back Of Shoulder Pain
Pain On Top Of Shoulder
Lump On Shoulder
Clicking Shoulder
Trapezius Pain
Inner Elbow Pain
Outer Elbow Pain
Pain Behind The Elbow
Pain In The Forearm
Lump On Elbow
Lump On Collarbone
Lump On Back Of Shoulder
Lump On Top Of Shoulder
Pain From Shoulder To Hand


Shoulder Exercises Guide

Shoulder/Arm Stretches
Frozen Shoulder Exercises
Rotator Cuff Injury Exercises - Stage 1
Shoulder Rehab Exercises (Theraband Exs)
Shoulder Mobility Exercises
Shoulder Impingement Exercises
Stretches For Upper Back Pain
Trapezius Stretches
Biceps Stretches
Golfers Elbow Exercises
Scapular Stabilisation Exercises

Shoulder Treatment & Surgery

Frozen Shoulder Surgery (MUA, Capsular Release & Arthrographic Distension)
Subacromial Decompression (aka Acromioplasty)
Acne & Keratosis Pilaris Treatment


Shoulder Anatomy Guide

Shoulder Bones
Muscles Of The Shoulder
Shoulder Joint Anatomy
Shoulder Ligaments

Page Last Updated: July 2nd, 2024
Next Review Due: July 2nd, 2026